Friday, January 6, 2017

Learning From the Uneminent

There aren't that many balanced people in the world.

Society does not go far in honoring people for being balanced. Society's spotlights are generally put on Jobs, Obama, Einstein, Gandhi, Picasso, Newton, etc.

You have to be something of a nonconformist in order to pursue the path of the balanced person. If you are influenced too much by social honors, how can you be balanced?

(Analects 9:2)

Society presents use with "achievers," it honors them, and it encourages us to follow their path.

People need to appreciate John Doe more, and eminent people less. John Doe isn't accomplished and extraordinary by conventional standards, but as a role model, he has as much to offer as Jobs, Obama, Einstein, Gandhi, Picasso, Newton, etc. A person should learn from both the eminent and the uneminent.

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